Sinfonia d’Aua Flims

Canton of Grisons, Switzerland

Hydroelectric power stations, Waterworld Flims.


  • The project includes the following parts:
  • Construction of the power station tunnel Flims with the centre Felsbach. Use of water from the bypass tunnel Flims with two blocks.
  • Construction power plant of Flem with the central station Punt Gronda and two units Segnas and Platt Alva (surface waters).
  • Drinking water reservoir with double energetic use of the water.
  • The artificial snowmaking system for large areas of ‘Weisse Arena’, Flims-Laax-Falera.
  • The artificial feeding of Lake Cauma which was damaged due to the karstic cut in the Flims tunnel.

Technical data

  • Power of the installed machines: 4500 kVA/3600 kW
  • Annual energy production: 14.1 Mio. kWh/a


CHF 36,800,000




Flims Electric AG
Reference: Martin Maron


Overall planner mandate with design, preliminary studies, concession project, Subnmission, Construction and realization project according to SIA 103 incl. procurement of machine groups and hydraulic steelwork according to SIA 108.

Date: 25.01.2019