Inventory Val Rutget & Val di Run

Tschamut/Sedrun, Canton of Grisons

Procurement of basic information for planning the restoration of viaducts.


Current survey data were compiled for the rehabilitation of two viaducts of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway: DfA and track geometry images as well as 3D images using laser scanning.

The scans of the viaducts and the surrounding terrain were evaluated to a complete 3D model, including all relevant side views, cross-sections, and longitudinal sections as well as a digital terrain model (DTM).




Matterhorn Gotthard Railway


  • DfA (database of fixed installations, GIS SBB) and track geometry surveys
  • Stocktaking utilizing laser scanning
  • Scan evaluation to complete 3D model incl. various additional products
  • Preparation of situation and cross profile plans

Date: 08.06.2020