Area of expertise

Engineering structures

  • Bridges of all kinds: truss, box girder, beam, diagonal cable bridges, etc.
  • Avalanches and rockfall protection galleries
  • Special foundations


  • Residential
  • Commercial buildings and administrative buildings
  • Remodeling and renovations

Underground construction

  • Tunnel and tunnel construction in rock and loose rock, with conventional as well as mechanical propulsion
  • Cavern
  • Covered trenches

Hydroelectric developments

  • Centrales hydroélectriques

Hazard Map, Watercourse Development

  • Watercourse development
  • Flood protection concepts for rivers, streams and streams
  • Concepts of protection against falling rocks

Industrial plants and structural dynamics

  • Warehouses
  • Dynamic industrial plants
  • Analysis for machine foundations, vibration problems
  • Tank construction and tank systems
  • Plant engineering for the chemical industry and for refineries

Conversion and renovation of engineering structures

  • Security check of the supporting structure
  • Conversion of carrier systems
  • Strengthening of supporting systems by means of fibers or glued reinforcement
  • Building extensions
  • Expert reports and expertises

Phonetic protection

  • Noise barriers
  • Passive and active noise protection measures on buildings

Creating energy

  • Thermal building
  • Building ecology
  • Occupant health

Data: 10.07.2019

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