Company profile

At your service for over 60 years

The engineering practice KBM Engineers SA, founded in 1952, is one of the most important engineering firms in the canton of Valais in the fields of design and construction of load-bearing structures, underground works, hydraulic installations and courses, rivers and protection against natural hazards.

Vision and mission

To strive for excellence thanks to a motivated and involved team, with multidisciplinary skills able to respond to the most ambitious challenges of our customers in an active way with respect for quality, time and costs while taking into consideration the people and the environment.

Offering a balanced and varied range of services, particularly in the areas of hydropower and major road and rail infrastructure, adapted to the challenges and concerns of a changing society.

Offering our employees a work environment that inspires them, invites them to give their best and develop their individual and collective skills.

Develop innovative technical solutions from a sustainability perspective while respecting quality and safety standards, and incorporating the latest knowledge.

Develop and maintain a network of private and public clients, both at regional and national level to create long-term added value.


Considering our customers as privileged partners, we intend to offer them products and services adapted to their requirements in order to obtain their full satisfaction. To achieve this, we adhere to a "quality approach" involving all employees.

We regularly measure the quality of our services to correct our processes and implement the necessary corrective measures.


Together with our customers, our employees and partners, we adopt and promote a responsible attitude towards sustainable economic development.


Our specialized and qualified employees stand out for their everyday ethics, skills and dynamism in favor of KBM. Faithful and long collaboration between employer and employee guarantees a calm management of the company and a productive investment in the level of continuous training. This favorable situation contributes to internal promotions.

We wisely engage the skills of each employee and involve them in the development of our company.


Recognizing safety as an integral part of the quality of our business, we continually identify potential hazards in our business, facilities and services to minimize risks to our customers and employees.


We ensure the long-term viability of our business by ensuring the profitability of our activities and the attractiveness of the workstations by guaranteeing quality framework conditions.

Striving to improve

Through the implementation of our integrated management system, we intend to improve and develop the quality of our company's services, increase its efficiency, increase the attractiveness of the workstations offered and increase the awareness of kbm.

Date: 05.07.2019

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