ASTRA/FEDRO - New heavy traffic control centre in Giornico

Canton of Tessin, Switzerland

Construction of a heavy traffic control centre for 300 vehicles with a service area including a new motorway access


A heavy traffic control centre for the southern access to the Gotthard road tunnel is being built on the site of a disused steelworks near Giornico. A rest area for long-distance truck drivers will also be built and Giornico will be connected to the national road network with a new motorway access.
The new centre is necessary to ensure the safety standards of long-distance drivers in international transit traffic and to monitor compliance with driving and loading regulations. There will also be a parking area for heavy vehicles in case of roadblocks and night-time driving bans.
The project also includes a comprehensive rehabilitation of the land contaminated by decades of previous industrial use.

Technical data 

  • Infrastructure of the inflow control of heavy traffic: max. 3,000 vehicles per day / 1 vehicle enters the centre every 60 seconds
  • Area of intervention: approx. 300'000 m2
  • Parking area for heavy vehicles - concrete floor: approx. 70,000 m2
  • New motorway access
  • New road areas: approx. 8'000 m
  • 2 new highway underpasses
  • 1 new access ramp
  • 1 new roundabout with a diameter of about 50 m
  • 1 SABA (Road Wastewater Treatment Plant): 1'800 m2/2'500 m3


Ca. CHF 130'000’000


2016 - 2021


Federal Roads Office ASTRA/FEDRA, Bellinzona (CH)


  • Preliminary design
  • Construction design overall plant
  • Tender design overall plant
  • Detail design
  • Tender procedure
  • Construction design 
  • Construction/Implementation SIA 52/53

Date: 16.04.2019