Innovation in freight transport

PINI Group and Cargo Sous Terrain

PINI Group is at the forefront in the design of the innovative logistic system Cargo Sous Terrain.

Cargo Sous Terrain is an innovative logistic system for transporting small-sized goods, composed of tunnels connecting production and logistics sites with the leading Swiss urban centers. On the surface, goods will be transported using eco-friendly vehicles with low environmental impact. Work on the first Zurich - Härkingen section is expected to begin in 2026.

PINI Group will be responsible for the design of the underground works, particularly for a tunnel system of approx. 70km length and the access shafts for the ten planned hubs serve as loading and unloading stations on the surface. 

PINI Group is represented by Mr. Olimpio Pini in the Board of Directors of the company Cargo Sous Terrain.

Date: 29.09.2021