Cargo Sous Terrain

Innovative goods transport system

We are very happy for Cargo Sous Terrain, a national project fully supported by the Pini Group. A very concrete and innovative solutions for the future of freight transport in Switzerland.

“Cargo Sous Terrain” is taking a big step forward. With today's decision of the Swiss Federal Council, the realization of the digitized freight transport system Cargo sous terrain (CST) is taking a big step closer.

With the acknowledgment that CST AG has fulfilled the conditions imposed on them, the prerequisite for the drafting of a CST Federal Law is given. With the phased opening from 2030, the complete CST logistics system will provide around 10 million people in Switzerland by 2045 with a network of 500 kilometers of tunnels, 80 access points for goods (hubs) and efficient urban fine distribution (city logistics).

Date: 28.09.2018

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