Pini Group in Cargo Sous Terrain AG

Carsten Bopp, Pini Group CEO, enters CST Board of Directors

Pini Group is pleased to announce its participation in Cargo Sous Terrain AG.

With the participation of the Pini Group in Cargo Sous Terrain AG (CST AG), the Group confirms its strategy of helping to shape the challenges of the future of infrastructure, mobility and energy. As one of the leading Swiss tunneling, planning and consulting companies with the experience of major projects of European scope at the Ceneri, the Lötschberg, the Brenner Base Tunnel, the Turin – Lyon Base Tunnel and the CERN, the Pini Group is convinced a decisive contribution to the development of the digital overall logistics system of Cargo Sous Terrain.

“I am delighted to be elected to the Board of Directors of Cargo Sous Terrain and I am pleased to be actively and creatively involved in one of the flagship projects of the Swiss economy for the intelligent integration of logistics, infrastructure and mobility.” Carsten Bopp, Group CEO

Carsten Bopp has been elected to the Board of Directors. As CEO of the Pini Group, CEO of the German Think Tank “House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM – Frankfurt)” and CEO of the cross-industry Swiss Business Association Swiss Cleantech, Carsten Bopp brings over 20 years of experience in infrastructure, mobility and logistics to the Board of Directors.

Date: 06.12.2018

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