Innovation sector

A new team PINI Group

Why an innovation dedicated area?

"Innovation" is one of the most clicked and popular words of the 21st century*. 

Innovating is necessary to ensure a lasting presence on the market, achieve better company performances, and guarantee greater competitivity.
Also, engineering, construction, architecture, and big works industries will be exposed to the changes brought by new technologies and digitization.

Artificial intelligence, IoT, Big Data, 3D-print, blockchain, new mobility forms, new ways of living, and feel the cities are just some of the topics we'll be confronted with much sooner than we believe. 
*Source: Google Ngram Viewer

What do we do?

We try to predict these changes induced by technology and innovation, ready to tackle them accordingly.

How? By Developing new business models, capturing new market opportunities, and offering our customers innovative solutions, guiding them through future scenarios and perspectives. 

For us, innovation isn't a task to implement or a series of activities to be accomplished. Still, it is the way the company thinks, future-oriented and in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. 

The people behind it

Future-oriented PINI Group, aimed at continuously pursuing sustainable solutions, will count on Fabio De Martino's experience and versatility to develop the innovation sector.

The team he will lead will mainly analyze new market opportunities, implement new business models, and develop innovative solutions applicable to the engineering sector.

De Martino, a civil engineer, has developed transversal skills thanks to his activities academic background (MBA and Master in strategy and business management), making him one of Italy and Switzerland's startup and leading innovation experts.

He's a member of the startup Garage SUPSI management, where students can shape their business ideas. He is a Partner, shareholder, and business advisor of several startups ranging from artificial intelligence to the food tech world via the energy and construction universe.

Over the years, he has co-founded an incubator and accelerator for innovative companies, supporting over 300 innovative startups with dedicated programs, which have raised several million investments on the market.

Date: 13.09.2021