Smart Engineering

The peculiarities of our business

A corporate group able to maintain the dynamism of a task force: this is the new challenge to be faced.

Success launched the Pini Group into a new dimension. It all happened very quickly. In order to meet the different needs of the various business units, it has been necessary to take a first step and adapt the governance. So to consolidate the development of our business, we must now nurture those factors that have brought about this positive moment. 

Agility and speed of action, which translate into: short decision-making processes, ability to delegate and tha ability to adaptat our skills to variable contexts. 

Pragmatism and concreteness: which means following a precise line and applying best practice and reliable processes.

Competence and excellence: the search for continuous improvement, measuring oneself and competitors on a local and international scale.

And above all, passion: the desire to contribute to the realisation of prestigious works and to the growth of a new group, jaunty, sometimes cheeky, but essentially innovative. 

An holistic vision, where the unity of the group is the sum of eclectic individualities, where the peculiarities of the individual form the skill set of the group. Small entrepreneurs in a high-performance network, who are passionate about what they do, but are still surprised by what the future holds.

Andrea Galli, Chief Executive Officer

Date: 18.01.2022