Pini Group designs a multi-story building in the Metaverse in partnership with HELM

Our expertise lands in the metaverse, thanks to the partnership with the company Helm, with cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for the new ecosystem.


The Helmallery multi-storey building, born from the partnership between our Group and Helm, has been recognised and awarded by the DAO of DecentraLand and chosen out of more than 200 applications worldwide as one of the few official partners for future architectural constructions and for land and space leases to third parties.

Pini Group followed all phases of the project in collaboration with Helm: from the choice of the metaverse, to the architectural design, to the programming and implementation of the NFT for those who will use the spaces. It is a partnership that includes numerous other projects already realized and under development.

The building will host the works of some internationally renowned artists, such as Silvano Repetto, an important Swiss artist, and Chiara Capobianco, a young, award-winning street artist.

"A beautiful story behind this project is also in the fact that one of our architects working in metaverse design came to Pini Group from Kiev in March 2022, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Chaplynska Kateryna was immediately integrated into the international team led by our Metaverse Architect Umberto Ceccarelli, and in the short time they were able to take care of numerous projects developed in these digital ecosystems," - said Andrea Galli, CEO of the Pini Group.

The partnership with HELM has enabled Pini Group not only to virtualize its architecture but also to develop interesting projects in the major metaverse. The partnership makes it possible to offer clients financial expertise, related to the Blockchain and Crypto worlds, IT and development competencies, and architectural and interior design skills.

"Today, the Metaverse is not just a business opportunity for companies, but a real ecosystem capable of transforming simple digital interactions into valuable relationships. It is not only a matter of what the future will look like, but of dealing with something that is already present. In this context, it is crucial not to lose ground towards a destination that is not simply a 3D world to be immersed in, but the evolution of the internet in general,' said Fabio De Martino, Chief Innovation Officer of Pini Group.

The collaboration between Helm and Pini Group allows us to offer unique experiences for all those companies wishing to develop projects in the different metaverse. Just as in the real world, we listen to the customer by developing Tailor Made strategies and projects, confirming our commitment to bring the quality of the physical world into the virtual ones". - said Lorenzo Corsetti, CEO of Helm - High-End Labs for the Metaverses SA.

This milestone stands as the first step in a new path that the Pini Group intends to pursue in parallel with the one it undertook 70 years ago in the engineering sector: still aware of the importance of developing innovative projects and collaborating with young companies that can offer new visions and perspectives while being open to the opportunities offered by digital technology.

"Open Innovation and the innovation ecosystem in general are very important for the Pini Group. Among the activities we have launched in recent years is a Corporate Venture Capital fund, called Pini4Innovation, through which we invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs in the ACE sector - architecture, engineering and construction. We are also making investments with this fund, such as the design and development of the Pini offices on the metaverse, a project that will be officially launched in November
,' concluded Fabio De Martino, Chief Innovation Officer of the Pini Group.

To live the experience created by the Pini Group and Helm

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Date: 24.10.2022