Next stop Basel!

Opening of the new office in Basel

The Pini Group’s robust local presence is a key component of our strategy in Switzerland. The acquisition and immediate integration of Pestalozzi & Stäheli GmbH – an established company with a strong legacy – means we are taking a further strategic step forward, enabling us to broaden our market coverage towards north-west Switzerland. This region can now be coordinated across the board from Aarau and Basel.

The integration of Pestalozzi & Stäheli GmbH enables us to effectively expand our service portfolio to include Traffic Planning as well as Sustainability and Ecology in Construction. These are interesting additions to our portfolio as a significant number of the forward-thinking construction owners we collaborate with on many of our infrastructure projects are increasingly prioritising these themes. 

Traffic Planning:

- Traffic planning for cantons, towns, cities and municipalities
- Research contracts for traffic planning
- Preliminary planning (up to and including BGKs) in phases 21/31
- Mobility management (including for private property developers)
- Surveys on PP requirements for private construction projects, zero-PP developments
- Private traffic planning assessments
- RSA audits
- School route planning / school route safety
- Traffic surveys / video / video footage evaluation
- Cycle mobility

Ecological planning:
- Handling of environmental, mobility and transport themes
- Handling of sustainability and ecological construction themes
- Methodology and evaluation of building materials environmental footprints

Christian Pestalozzi as Head of the Eco Division and Andreas Stäheli as Head of the Traffic Planning Division will continue to be actively involved. They will ensure continuity and spearhead the “revitalisation” of the two divisions. We are also establishing the Road and Underground Services division and Structures Engineering division as new services in Basel.

Date: 16.01.2024