Pini goes to Africa

We are pleased to announce the opening of two new offices in Tunis and Cairo.

Pini Group has had a longstanding interest in Africa and has recently participated in several significant projects in Senegal, Mozambique, and Tanzania. These projects include the development of ports, airports, and hydroelectric facilities.

Expanding from Pini’s Swiss roots into this market is an important step in the company’s strategic growth plan. Africa holds some of the world’s fastest growing economies, and we are eager to be a part of this development. 

With the acquisition of Sers, we have established a new outpost in Tunis. Additionally, Pini Group has acquired operations giving us a presence in Egypt. These strategic moves support the Group’s growth in the North African market and throughout the continent.

The two new offices will be part of our Business Unit MENAA (Middle East, North Africa & Asia).


“Transforming society starts with understanding its core needs. Global engagement empowers us excel as local engineering experts.”
Andrea Galli
Group CEO

“This milestone gets us closer to the African market and supports our vision of Pini Group being a global community of talent.
120 motivated teammates will join the Team. They will become the foundation of our presence in this continent and deliver global engineering projects.”
Aymen Cheikh Mhamed
Chief Development Officer and Head of Business Unit MENAA

Date: 09.02.2024