Connection Gisikon-Root, Luzern

Redesign of N14

Pini Swiss Zurich is completing the Reorganisation of the Gisikon-Root highway junction in Canton Lucerne.

The project to reorganize the junction connecting the N14 national road to the cantonal road network involves the Zurich office in renovating the existing structures, namely the K65a highway overpass, the bridge over the Reuss river, the SBB railway overpass and three secondary structures.

The bridge over the river, which is made up of two twin bridges, will be joined in a monolithic manner, reinforced with concrete. As well, existing supports, the expansion joints and curbs will be replaced.

The deck of the K65a motorway overpass is reinforced with carbon fiber slats and equipped with new expansion joints, new curbs and waterproofing. The existing supports are rehabilitated and the central pillars re-profiled using self-compacting concrete.

The railway overpass is rehabilitated by means of punctual cortical work.

The work is carried out in three stages and with road traffic in operation.

Date: 20.07.2020