TP5 - bridge at the Chexbres junction

Demolition and reconstruction

PINI Group plans the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge at the Chexbres junction: the central structure of the TP5 Autoroute du Léman project

Last weekend (yes, in just three days), the northern part of the bridge near Chexbres was demolished.

The N09 freeway, known for being located in a unique landscape, a UNESCO heritage site, is also an important road link. Therefore, the difficulties of the project relate to the safe execution of the works, with the considerable amount of traffic still in operation and the tight timeframe to proceed with the demolition of the structure.

The reconstruction of the structure is expected to take six months. At the project level, it has involved the specialized PINI team in Lugano and Lausanne for the direction of the works.

Date: 19.04.2021