POLUME: highway Lugano-Mendrisio

An essential project for mobility in Ticino

The "A2 POLUME highway between Lugano and Mendrisio" receives positive feedback from the Canton thanks to its landscape and environmental impact.

The reduction of traffic along the cantonal road, the revitalization of nature, and the enhancement of the lakeside between Melano and Capolago are some of the project's aims signed by the TI-LUME Consortium PINI Group - on behalf of FEDRO.

Among the main works presented are the new bypass tunnel between Bissone and Maroggia, a pedestrian and bicycle connection between Mendrisio and Lugano, and the emergency lane's dynamic use. According to a recent and innovative system, the latter has the advantage of not sacrificing further dedicated territory allowing flexibility according to the future development of public transport.

Trusting now in the approval by the Federal Council, we continue to work with strong motivation to improve the road system in Ticino, enhancing, at the same time, the landscape.

Date: 02.06.2021