The Brescia-Verona high-speed rail link

Pini Italia is preparing the detailed design of the final section of the Milan-Verona high-speed rail link for general contractor Cepav2. This section of the railway line consists of a series of natural tunnels (around 16.5 km in total length), called Calcinato II, Lonato and San Giorgio, located in loose ground and running beneath a densely developed area. Excavation of the Lonato tunnel will be carried out using a shielded TBM while the other two tunnels (the Calcinato II and the San Giorgio) will be dug using the traditional method. The artificial tunnels leading to the natural tunnels will be built using both the cut-and-cover method and the top-down method, also referred to as the “Milan method”. Our graphics illustrate a calculation model for the Milan method using three piles. Construction is scheduled to commence next summer.

Date: 11.11.2018

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