3ème correction du Rhône

Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

Hydraulics: Watercourse development.


  • Determination of the water levels of the future enlargement of the Rhone for different return periods with the HEC-RAS model. Hydraulic and static design of the new dikes.
  • Definition of the type of bank protection (groins, riprap).
  • Design of a submersible dike to drain part of the water through a defined corridor and thus reduce the risk of dike failure during extreme floods.
  • New road concept following the relocation of the road from the dike to the right bank.
  • Project to relocate existing underground pipelines.
  • Replacement of the existing biotope by a new biotope outside the future Rhône dike.
  • Renaturation of the canals of the plain.
  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts of the project.
  • Phasing of work, materials management and quotations.

Technical data

  • Length of intervention: 2.1 km
  • Widening of the Rhone to its speed width of 60 m (initial width: 30 m).
  • New dike on the right bank. Height of the new dike: 4 - 5 m
  • Raising the existing dike on the left bank by about 1 m.
  • Protection of the riverbanks by groins or riprap depending on the area.
  • Bank slope: 1: 5: 5 - 1: 2
  • New submersible dike on the right bank with an erodible upper layer thickness of ~ 1 m (this layer erodes as soon as the water level corresponding to Q1000 is reached).
  • Realization of a Ramp: Length: 100 m; gradient: 3%.

Total cost

CHF 30 Mio.




Canton VS – SRTCE – Section Rhône 3

Date: 25.01.2019