Delsitanisagua Hydroelectric Power Plant


180MW capacity


The Delsitanisagua Hydroelectric Project, with 180MW capacity, is situated on the Zamora River. It features a 34m-high concrete dam, a discharge channel of 42 m3/s, an 8km-long tunnel, a 76m-high surge shaft, and a steel penstock. The powerhouse is at-grade, with a 138kV transmission line spanning 30km. Expected annual electricity production is 1,200 GWh, utilizing a gross water head of 495m.

Total cost

About $ 258.000.000




Emp. Pública Estrategica Corporación Eléctrica Ecuador "CELEC EP" Ecuador

Services provided

  • Basic and Detailed Design Review and approval
  • Full review and approval of the detailed design provided by the EPC Contractor
  • Construction Supervision on site with a multidisciplinary team


Date: 02.10.2023