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Leaders in building construction. Successful cooperation between architects and engineers involves variety and is often exhausting but equally inspiring.

The Pini Group is known primarily for large rail and road infrastructure projects, although a quarter of its turnover is generated from general construction engineering. To provide an insight into our diverse building portfolio, Sinem Sönmez-Bardakci, a qualified draftsperson specialising in civil engineering, at Pini Swiss Zurich has picked out a few projects from architecture competitions. Sinem is a core member of the team led by Reto Bargähr, head of the building construction and support structures department in Zurich.

1. Zurich: Europaallee, site B

First up is the 10-storey building at the entrance to Europaallee at Zurich main station. Sinem already worked on the elegant office building with restaurant and retail space during her apprenticeship, and today she assists with tenant fit-outs. The building was pre-certified with the DGNB Gold Label by the Swiss Sustainable Building Council (SGNI). Stücheli Architects won the SBB Real Estate competition in 2012. Our services: planning and site management in all project phases and advice for tenant fit-outs. 

Project details
Floor space: 19,000 m2
Cubic content: 90,000 m3
Cost: CHF 40 million 

2. Lugano: Cantonal Hospital, EOC

Ipostudio Architects of Florence won the international public competition for the extension of the Cantonal Hospital of Lugano (EOC) in 2017. The main features of the complex project costing around CHF 180 million are the reorganisation of the main entrance level with a new seven-storey building, a new access road with an underground car park, and landscaping of the grounds. Pini took over the preliminary project from the architects, developed it further and submitted it for building permit application. Our building construction department in Lugano is responsible for thischallenging project, providing civil engineering project managementand site management.

Project details
Floor space: 38,600 m2
Volume (SIA 416): 141,200 m3
Cost: CHF 145 million

3. Rancate: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau apartment building

The building by Stocker Lee Architects is a fine example of a challenging private architectural project. On a long, narrow plot of land, the architects developed an interesting structure comprising several residential units. Our services: engineering and site

Project details
5 residential units including a garage
Floor space: 575 m2
Volume (SIA 416): 3’600 m2

4. Olten: area north of the railway station, site 1

Also located directly on the railway lines and equally complex as Europaallee, both structurally and in terms of use, is Olten railway station site 1: the 13-storey high-rise building contains office and retail space from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, and 149 residential units above that. Architecture firm atelier ww won the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation’s study contract. Our services: Planning and site management in all project phases.

Project details
Floor space: 17,300 m2
Volume: 56,200 m3

Date: 22.08.2019

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